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Galicia is a fascinating place where you can find everything. Beautiful coastlines with miles of almost untouched beaches, impressive cliffs, magical forests with age-old trees (some botanists say that Galicia has some of the widest varieties of plant life in the world)

Then there is the architectural heritage: Romanesque buildings and monuments, along with the remains of our vibrant Celtic past.

Almost all the beauty of our planet is brought together here in this region.

To describe Galicia in its entirety would truly be a never-ending story, so let's take a look at one region in particular. Here in the interior of South Galicia history, architecture and nature combine to create a rich and living heritage.


Here you can find the Romanesque Trail, which passes through valleys and canyons carved out by the rivers Sil and Miņo. Since the 4th century it has also been called the 'Riveira Sacra', because of the numerous hermitages and monasteries that line the route and which continued to proliferate throughout the Middle Ages. The large number of religious buildings is also due to the pilgrimages to Santiago de Compostela, an entry point for new artistic ideas and forms which makes this region an invaluable part of our European heritage with its harmonious combination of architecture and landscape. These two elements - at times seemingly incompatible - have come together here and created a veritable feast for the eyes.Going further back in time you find remains left by the ancient inhabitants of the region such as dolmens, stone carvings, hill forts and castles.

In the city of Ourense (named thus by the Romans for its abundance of gold) and in the surrounding area there are hot thermal springs whose waters have a high mineral content. There are a large number of spas which are ideal for all types of aches and pains, or simply as a way to relax and restore those tired limbs.


One thing that characterises the landscape of this region is the mixture of granite churches and slate-roofed cottages and farmhouses built according to local tradition.The rivers Miņo, Sil, Cabe, Lor... wind their sinuous way through the countryside and conceal many a surprise in the shape of streams and waterfalls that you can encounter on the many trails you can take on foot or on horseback.

The deep valleys and mountainous landscape of the Sierra del Courel have maintained their flora and fauna in an almost wild province, which makes for some marvellous hiking trails.

Old windmills, chapels, hermitages, ancient forges, fountains, streams, waterfalls, salt water lagoons, villages that perch on mountainsides, never-ending trails. One of the last green paradises is right here... there's so much to it we can't describe it all. Why not come and see for yourself?


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